What's Wrong Here? ~ Especially for David Valley!


Just paid my hotel bill?

Over $800.00 for three nights, David can you use a helper?

obvious obvious obvious… :wink:

How would you phrase them though? I’l take a shot at it…and pssst, did you find all this on the grounds at your hotel? If so, maybe they can use your $800 to make their grounds safer for their guests and especially their guests’ kids eh?

1–Improper use of flex conduit. Ridgid conduit connector used with flex conduit. This is improper and a safety issue. Recommend licensed electrician replace the flex conduit with conduit of proper type and application.

2,3,4,–Outdoor junction boxes for lighting and power are damaged. The covers for outdoor electrical junction boxes are there to protect the consumer and protect the wiring. These boxes should keep out the elements and curious fingers! These outdoor boxes should have covers that are properly installed and free from bends, cuts, and other damage. This is a safety issue and should be corrected immediately.

No greenfield connector.
exposed wiring going into the ground, no conduit
same as above
needs new box cover

$800.00 for three nights, you got ripped.

Ripped Off!!

Maybe so, but the 3 full days of training I received was well worth the cost.
The Instructors did a great job!

Every seminar I attended was well presented, and they talked about DEFECT RECOGNITION, New Construction and Mentioned that You are Not Code Inspectors, but you better know about the Code to CYA!

I was also impressed with the vendors and their products!

Nice photos, Joe… but I think you have a little too much time on your hands!


I have lots of time for those who appreciate what I do for NACHI!

I was told that I have a Captive Audience while here in Orlando, why even the Instructors asked for my opinions, and to answer questions related to some of the issues.

Again, today — “you better know what the code requires” stated by an Instructor this morning.

I will catch up with you sometime in the future so we can talk about the issues.

Hey Joe…I may have some work for ya…I am getting ready to start a set of SIPS homes…love that POLY walls…takes over 2 weeks to do one house because you cant melt it…you have to drill it all with extention bits and well…a real PAIN…not looking forward to the next few weeks…"SIGH "


Paul: Is this what they will look like? Why can’t you use SJO cord and plugstrips? How many will you do? :mrgreen:

I wish the ones we did looked as easy as those…the ones we do just are complicated…no channels in them…they are usually over 4,000 sq ft and just eat up time…yeah…I wont go into the SJO and Plugstrips…lol…

They have their own style…major pains…we have 3 to do

and those in your picture are normal foam…we could MELT that foam and make our own channels…the ones being done up where we are going are a fireproof poly…orange in color and touch as nails to do anything with…“SIGH”…gonna be a long few weeks.

this is a coupling for emt, should be a changeover emt connector, second there are exposed conductors and the mulberry boxes are to close to the ground and should be supported by two galvinized pipes at each box if they are 120 volts. If they are under 50 volts there is no code


I can see you now…It’s lunchtime and the first thing you do is go outside the hotel to find electrical defects. People are walking by you (with their children) and one child says “Mommy, Mommy…look at that man over there, he’s taking a picture of the ground.” And Mommy’s probably thinking, “Wow, what the hell is that guy doing”?


I’d really hate to take you out for dinner. You’d probably be looking all over the damn restaurant for electrical defects. Right?

I’m just picking on ya Joe. And when I asked for the “OFF DUTY” pics, I meant bar room pics. Ya know, pics of the guys lifting the 12 oz. suds.

Ha Ha…everywhere the wife and I go I do this…but with lawn sprinkler systems…and deck construction…It is the way I relax…so I understand…lol

Me relax! You are right I do make it my business and look for the defects. My Wife will not even permit me to use my cell phone when we are in the car. I keep telling her I gotta check my messages because I might have some waiting. And who do you think put newspaper clips of electrical accidents? She does.Anyway, I understand now and have some pictures of many of the people who were at the convention.

Hi. Joe;

Hope you had a good time down there.
What are those pics?, some of your wild tour observence pictures again. ha. ha.

The first time I see an emt coupler being used as an mc connector.
But, how should I know, I am a Carpenter ha. ha.

Nice to see you are still in action Joe.

Marcel from Maine

All your pic seem to be low voltage landscape lighting, except the first which appears to be communication. So beside cosmetic is there any thing wrong.

Just because it is landscape lighting doesn’t mean it is low voltage…the wiring that is exposed appears to be line voltage…see the green?

Low voltage wiring is usually two strands wrapped together all black…

maybe i’m blind? :wink:

The first picture was taken in the hotel and the rest in Tampa, and they were supplied with 120 volts ac. The exposed wires were that way because the conduit that was there once upon a time was damaged by someone who was using a weed wacko or a machete?