What's wrong here?


Looks to me like EMT and some liqutite [sp] flex tubing. One EMT has a cable clamp. Not sure, are they using them for plumbing?


I am going to guess there needs to be a junction box.
Looks like 1/1/2" dia EMT.

Another thought would be if the EMT is used for ground and there is no green wire in the liquid tight, hense need for a box.


Did I win???

yeah…Hey “HOME INSPECTORS” come find the problem in this image…lol

:frowning: I was wrong?

Joe you bored out of your mind or something?

No I am not bored Dale, far from it! Just trying to get the new kids on the block to come forward and get involved, the picture here is in a residential condo and would be the type of inspection that a commercial inspector would encounter.

Those of you who replied should add to the discussion and point out the obvious defects.

If we were sitting at a table answering questions from the audience your remarks would be of no value to them, or just making a joke.

Please you lurkers come forward and get involved!

Ok one more try.
Should be a direct connection male to female with no extra piece in there causing diameter change.

Okay I will discuss this just a little and describe the defects that I see with the installation for you.

Now that I have done just a little typing my answer is still none.

Its not AFCI protected.
How did you miss that? Mike

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The fittings are in question especially the EMT compression fitting used for the sealtight connection!

That and the AFCI right?

You mean the one that the Cowboy installed for the fire pump in this circuit?

Joe are you sure that that is not a FMC fitting. The flex looks like it is swelled out a little just like it would if the proper fitting was used and there is a fitting that looks just like that one.

It is hard to tell things like that from a picture.

It is not a greenfield FMC “Flexible Metal Conduit” fitting, and if it was that would be wrong as well, a fitting for use with “Sealtight Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit” looks like this one, for an example.

I checked again, and it was a FMC fitting, it looks like an EMT fitting, but it is one that looks like this one and is still incorrect:

Joe I hate to add a debate in this room but is myself i never see that kind of combo of fitting and IMO with EMT compression fitting it will not fly around here espcally if you mention viberation area but is that type of conduct is a questionable one if that is nonmetalic verison or it have inteal metalic verison.

Merci, Marc