What's Wrong Here?

“What’s Wrong Here?”](http://www.ecmweb-digital.com/ecmweb/200808/?pg=98&pm=1&u1=friend) I have written these articles in EC&M for many years using pictures I took where 3 winners can win tools!

I have over 50,000 images that I took!

My pictures in this article ask the reader to answer the question, I will then pick 3 winners, that’s the way it works and anyone can enter the contest!

Electrical cords installed in a unapproved raceway (behind Base Board)

Here is another article and one of the “Catastrophes” was submitted by Mike Whitt!

See page 60

All of these articles are developed using images and stories sent to me by people who read the magazine, credit is always given to them.

I have many “of their stories” waiting for publication, and the summary is developed by me.