What's wrong here?

What’s wrong in these photos?






What is it?..Double-Wide?

  1. Roof trusses not aligned to each other.
  2. Concrete blocks on sides, channels should run vertically not horizontally.
  3. Wood shim crushing. Ideally steel plates should be used.
  4. Dryer vent venting to crawlspace. A no no.

No. built in 1963


Still standing huh…:smiley:

They look like mono trusses which should be tied together…The other issues are also obvious as Ray stated.

How was the rest of the shack…You must have some other real nice pictures don’t ya Bill…:smiley: …It’s kind of slow around here tonight!..:smiley:


Crawl was WET WET WET
Sellers just recently put a vapor barrier down… :roll: too little too late.
EVERY floor joist was rotted as well as main beam was very close to floor joist shape. To add salt to the wounds… powder post beetles everywhere.

I only found 3 doors that didn’t bind in the jamb.

Yeah this one was fun!:slight_smile:

Since it is so boring here tonight I’ll post my picture of the week.

I was busy everyday and this is the worst I could come up with…](*,)

Here’s some more for your viewing pleasure…:smiley:






Now you’re cookin…8-

Nothing like the smell of a hot Stablok in the morning…

These are pics of what I could see. Storage and furnishings and junk everywhere. I gave my client a chance half way through to opt out of the rest of the inspection but he wanted me to finish.

Personally I had seen enough.:ack:

It is pretty slow here isn’t it?

Everyone but us getting their last vacation in I guess,

Im going to Tampa next Thursday, when we’re self employed holidays don’t mean anything…:smiley:

Just make um when you want…:smiley:

Will and Dale;
Those were pretty cool pictures. Unfortunately, I don’t have any better, or should I say any worse. Whatever, you know what I mean. ha. ha.
I thought Maine was bad for #hrist sake, your area must keep you busy with that kind of work.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cool:


May I add:

  1. Cinder blocks are a poor support application indicating handyman (incompetant) installation. Permanent installation of solid concrete block, steel/ lally or rot resistant wooden column resting on sound pedestal footing should be performed by a competant foundation specialist.


Way cool pictures (but I have a pretty perverted sense of beauty :mrgreen: ).

Request permission to use for promotional video and/or CE education?

Notice the repeated attempts to put a band-aid on a serious problem rather than actually fixing the sucker? The sistered beam, the metal unions on the drain piping, the vent to crawlspace.

Penny wise, pound foolish.

They call us ‘deal killers’, but I would call this house murder with the owner as the perpetrator.

Use them to your hearts content Will.

Yes these sellers were asking full price (and a little high in my opinion without the issues). Needless to say, my client walked. I am doing another for them tomorrow.

Here’s a few more from that inspection. Glad you all enjoyed them!:slight_smile: