What's wrong with municipal code inspections?

While I am sure, and have experienced, many professional and ethical municipal code inspectors, all too often, they are neither professional or ethical.

Especially in mobbed up or unioned up (which, in some case, is the same thing :shock: ) cities like Chicago or New York.

See here:



Kind of like “Whats new” … huh Will…same **** different day.

What really irks me is when the contractors, sub-contractors, Realtors and the public see HIs as, somehow, below code inspectors. That they see a municipal code inspection as the zenith of inspections, rather than the nadar that it really is.

I was just talking to a Realtor (seller’s agent) this morning. She could not get it through her head that home inspections were more thorough and more comprehensive that a city code inspection. I told her:

  1. We are state licensed, not mere municipal employees.
  2. We are, according to state law, required to inspected to current national standards, not mere local codes, which are bare minimum requirements.
  3. That we look at the quality of the house, not just minimum structural and electrical and so forth conditions.
  4. That we do not recognize “grandfathering” especially when it deals with items of safety.
  5. That, many times, different code inspectors overlook or “allow” things that the written codes say that they should call out, like lack of flashing above deck ledger boards.

Here’s the kicker (at least in Illinois), HI’s have liability, but no authority. Code inspectors have authority, but no liability (per state law).

But, everyday is a new education opportunity.

Hope this helps and thanks for allowing me to vent.

What are you saying Will, Private, Free Market business’s are bribing people to circumvent the system to increase their profit with no regard for the well being of the public???

OMG that is simply INCREDIBLE NEWS.

No. I am saying that private, corrupt organizations (the mob, unions) are infiltrating public jobs (municipal building departments) and soliciting bribes from pribate business’s at the threat of not approving the construction work (whether the work is worthy of being red flagged is another issue).

As to the “free market” point, we have not had a truely free market economy in the U.S. since the New Deal.

Meanwhile, private companies (home inspectors) are being hired by private clients to inspect the construction work and are saving those clients money and headaches when the government employees are not doing so.

Hope this clarifies.

6 inspectors taking $100 Bribes is now some giant cosa nostra conspriacy to infliltrate the Govt. You are kidding right???

To be clear, 6 caught, so far, in New York. Over the past 10 years, 37 caught, so far, in Chicago. I know Chicago better than New York. In Chicago, the three legs to the stool holding up the political machine are the Old Irish street gangs, the mob and the unions, working together.

I did not say that it “is now some giant conspiracy to infiltrate Govt”. What I said was that there are mob guys who work for the city and take bribes and do little work and deal drugs and do other illegal things.

It is always seen, in heavily democrat big cities, a link between the mob and the unions and the government (at least in some city government employees being mobbed up). In Chicago, it is seen as a cost of doing business, in construction, especially, that there are bribes to be paid, whether to the codies or to the material’s suppliers or to the teamsters or to the construction unions. And we all know about mob involvment in the unions.

Clear now?

Now you are starting in on the Irish??? WTF is wrong with you? Post this hateful racist crap somewhere else.


[size=2]Here is a thought as many here have asked that political discussion be held in the not for everyone thread I am going to post this. And for those that feel the same way as I do, please bump this post when a political thread is posted here. Then we can kina get a fell where members stand on political discussion on the message board. :mrgreen:[/size]

Sir, I am not being racist, merely descriptive. My (paternal) Grandmother’s name was Hennrietta McMahon, and came to the U.S. from County Cork.

If you lived in, or were familiar, with Chicago politics, you would know that the current (since the mid 1930s) political machine was instituted by the Irish street gangs (“athletic clubs”) from the “back of the yard’s” neighborhood, also called Bridgeport (so named because it was behind the old beef and pork sluaghterhouses). Mayor Richard J. Daily got his start in these gangs. The Irish settled here because so many of them worked on the construction of the I&M Canal.

See here:

and here:


and here:


I am not as familiar with New York Politics, but I grew up here, wento to school with many politically “connected” families and am very well read in Chicago politics.

No racism, just being descriptive.


Hey message board cop!

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Notice how he gives and in-depth, comprehensive and annotated rebuttal to my previous post? How witty of him.

And how indicative of the left. When you don’t have any facts to back up your feelings, throw a hissy fit and call names.

Sad, really.

No more racist crap Will???


[size=2]Here is a thought as many here have asked that political discussion be held in the not for everyone thread I am going to post this. And for those that feel the same way as I do, please bump this post when a political thread is posted here. Then we can kina get a fell where members stand on political discussion on the message board. :mrgreen:[/size]

  1. My post was not “racist”. It was ethnic. I was describing the actions of an ethic group, not a race group. Please look up the definition of Racist.
  2. I was not disparaging the entire Irish ethnic group, only a particular sub-set.
  3. I belong, at least in part, to that ethic group (I am 1/4 Irish). I am not giving ethnic slurs, merely being descriptive.
  4. If I am describing actions within an ethnic sub-group to which I belong (at least in part) that is not racism or ethnic slurs. Understand now?
  5. I was describing a thing that is factual. Sorry of you cannot accept that, but your failure to accept fact is your problem, not mine. And it has no effect on reality.
  6. I refuse to be muzzled in stating facts for the single reason that you may be offended. There is no Constitutional, natural or ethical right to not be offended.
  7. It is, however, my Constitutional right to state, clearly and plainly, my political views. First Amendment. Sorry of you don’t like that fact, but it is, never the less, a fact.
  8. You have no experience, nor knowledge, of the political beginnings of the Chicago Machine, nor how it currently works. Therefore, you have very little right to have an informed, adult opinion about it.
  9. We are all entitled to your own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts. Facts are objective and provable, and I provided proof.
  10. You have merely provided your feelings and crude words.

I rest my case.

Ethinc crap that is sooooooo much better. Will would it not be better for all involved if you just took your disparaging ethnic remarks and found some like minded ding dongs to share them with???

Well, at least he learned the difference between racist and ethic. That’s a start.

Look, if a black guy does something (not wrong or right, just something), and I say, “Hey, that black guy did something.”, I am not being racists, I am just being descriptive. I am describing what happened.


Now, if a Polish mason laying brickwork, does not wipe out the “snot” between the two wythes of a wall (and most Polish masons do not, around here. It is how they were trained in Poland), but I recognize that this is a typical workmanship issue with Polish masons in this area, I am not making an ethnic slur, I am merely describing the common (but niot exclusive) behavior of a group with regards to a particular action. I am describing what is happening and, because it is not a good construction technique in this area (given our rainfall and climate conditions), it is a construction defect and I call it out. I also mention that it is common to most Polish masons in this area.

Again, I am not slamming Poles, I am merely describing a factual situation.

Got that?

There is a big difference between being dispariging and putting forth an ethnic slur.

Now, when I describe the current political situation in this area, and how it effects the building department and the city, in general, and if the contributing factors, as there has been, historically, an ethnic link to the situation, thern I am merely being descriptive, not doing ethnic slurs.

The fact is that the Chicago area is dominated by the Chicago political machine (read Mike Royko’s great book, “Boss”) and that machine is run by a sub-set of Irish-Americans, the mob and unions (no ethnic slur there), I am merely describing what is happening and what has been happening for many years. I am not slamming all Irish, all people of Italian extraction, nor all union rank and file members.

Lighten up, guy. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve and stop being ruled by your emotions and political correctness. You are listening to the left, too much.

Think for yourself.

Now, I am ending my posting on this subject. I hope that I will not see you pull the typical lefty game, and call me names, behind my back, because you think that you have sut me up with your shrill and childish name calling.

But, if you do, at least everyone else will knwo that I called it correctly.

Hope this helps;

Ok Will lets see if I got it. You told a client there were some Inspectors in NY that took between $50 to $100 to look the other way during a code inspection. Then you added an Irish ethnic slur and something about labor unions doing bad things in Chi Town, and tried to tie this all into something about Home Inspections???

And you wonder why these people do not think you are very smart??? I can’t make this crap up if I tried.