Whats wrong with this picture?

I went to my grandkids’ games today at a municipal park in The Woodlands. There were a few hundred kids playing in the large field complex. My Granddaughter is wearing #10.



:roll: :roll: Did you call someone?

Maybe the covers on backorder, maybe the fence too.:cool:

Fell on the ground? You need a ladder to read the meter and work on the panels?

well You want the kids to be able to turn on the lights don’t You ?

The panel cover open is one thing, but the meter cover was completely off and laying on the ground. The meter was about eye level (the meter rack is behind, not over the panel rack). It’s funny how there are hundreds of people around and no one notices it. It’s virtually invisible.

I called the utility company about it. They got pretty excited and said they were dispatching someone immediately.


good job

good catch, Chuck! :shock:

That stuff looks brand new. It may not even be energized yet.

Good photo as well.

Man, surprising how things like this just get passed on by sometimes. Good job on taking the initiative to report, especially in an area like that.

Mold Slayers Orange County


Be a great photo for the local news!! (hint hint)

The park system actually has a nice system for submitting and publicly tracking issues regarding the parks.

Here was my submission. https://iframe.publicstuff.com/#?client_id=1000054&request_id=1579227#request-show

Man great catch Chuck :smiley:


I would send that to the local newspaper with a letter on company letter head… Free publicity.

My first thought was photoshop. Guess I am wrong.