Whats wrong with this picture?

Pop Quiz, why would anyone do this?

I will post the answer later.

To save money by not hiring a professional.

Things wrong,

No relief extension.
Electrical cable needs to be protected.
Cold water valve improperly installed.

No plumbing supply in the area. They are going to run a garden hose for the supply.

For washing the car.

Drywall not finished?
No TPR valve discharge piping?
No water supply?

This was in a loft of a summer cabin, the water supply came in through the drain valve. ( I know there are many irregularities here) All the plumbing was pitched to drain, so it was possible to shut off all the water to the cabin, open all valves, followed by an exterior faucet, and drain the entire cabin in minutes. Open the valve on the top of the water heater to drain the tank.

That explains it all " The Summer Cabin"
You know that old saying, (If it works don’t Fix It)



Hard to argue against that logic!