What's your inspection vehicle?

He sure is!

If you really want to stand out and be seen, get a 78 Ford Pinto Station Wagon. Trust me in that none of your competitors have one and you WILL stand out and leave an impression…on someone. Just add a roof rack for your ladder and surfboard.

However, I have a Chevy Colorado Z71 4x4. Carries what I need and can get to where I need to go. Decent gas milage too…


Nice, Neil! :smile:

Just don’t offer candy to the neighboring kids! :rofl: :joy:


OMG! A modified Pinto! :astonished:

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Yup, the kind of vehicle you warn the kids to not approach! :wink:

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My 2020 GMC Yukon with the 6.2 ltr and 10 speed transmission went from 10.2 mpg to 18.6 mpg in the couple thousand miles break in period, around town and back to my house. I live 13 miles out.

I’m looking forward to see what mpg it gets when we go to a wedding 250 miles south in April. :smile:

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I’ve never heard of GM vehicles and good gas mileage go together, or even seen in the same sentence! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Heck, I got 30 mpg with my 2015 GMC ALL TERRAIN Double Cab Pickup on a nice flat road in Louisiana and another state for over 200 miles. They drop 4 cylinders, when not needed, out of the 8 cylinders.

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Haha, not too bad Larry, I’ve owned a few different breeds over the years, a couple Chevys tucked in there as well! :slight_smile:

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What’s your favorite, Junior?

I’m already trying to think of company names and starting to design my logo. Guess I need to start studying.

I use my 55 Dodge if I need to pull the house down


Very nice Junior!

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I must say the Outdoorsman is nice. This is my 2nd one. The 5.7 Hemi got the pep when you need it. :slight_smile: However, I’m open, ya never know what I’ll be driving a year or two from now lol.

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Nice looking, too. :smile:

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Wow, Joe. That '55 is a work of art.

Looks awesome, Joe!

I love Dodges. Just picked up a 90 Dodge Power ram to restore.

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That’ll be a nice rig! There was an old 50s Dodge with the split window sitting at my inlaws farm in the trees for years! It was blue originally. The body was still solid, but it’s a restoration project. I think some of my wife’s cousins are going to restore it.