What's your opinion...

on this product/service?
Any experience? good or bad
Any pre-treat and post-treat data?
Any other products you could/would recommend?
Any anything?


thanx in advance

Never heard of them til now . . . hopefully someone will be along soon that knows more about them.

never heard of them Barry, they have a Nachi link still never heard of them


Says normal cleaning of surfaces is still required. The one point I would make, without having any previous knowledge of this product, is if the home has excessive spores present, then the source needs to be identified and eliminated. Regardless if their is a way to kill the spores that contact an applied surface, the airborne spores will still effect someone before they reach the surface right? Why not just purchase a high end hepa filter and clean regurlarly?

Dylan is basically right.
FYI: There are some studies that show that even dead mold spores can cause cancer. Just killing the mold is not recommended by most mold organizations. Removal of the actual mold growth and scrubbing the air is the only proven way that protects the occupants of the home. I have tested behind some companies that use similar products without proper removal of the mold. The particulate count in the air is extremely high. I have not past one yet.

agreed removal of the mold growth is paramount, also treating replaced surfaces with like a biosol treatment before closeing in.

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The product they are using is AEGIS, developed by DOW.

There may be limited use for it in homes but if you can construct them and run them properly, it shouldn’t be needed. There are many applications in schools, and other buildings where moisture is tracked in as rain or snow and there are moisture producing areas such as multiple showers in gyms, etc.

IMHO, it is part of the scare tactics promoted to the public that if you ain’t chemically protected, you gonna die!!!

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Hence, endorsed by NACHI

Where were you with an answer…any answer???

You claim to be highly qualified in IAQ, etc. From your site:

I have the following qualifications to serve you better!
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]**Certified Mold Inspector **
**Certified Radon Measurement Technician **
**Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician **
Certified Environmental Site Assessment-Phase 1

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1 GALLON OF H.E.L.P. TECHNOLOGY CONCENTRATE WILL BE AUTO-SHIPPED upon signing up AT $225.00 (Additional products may be purchased online as needed.) (CA and NY customers will be replaced with RTU ready to use – 5 gallon of H.E.L.P. Technology as required by EPA at the same price) Shipping and handling is not included.



In Texas there is no license for IAQ consulting and really none for IAQ testing. However, if you are testing for mold, lead, etc. then you are violating Texas State Department Of State Health Services licensing laws.

Anyone in Texas can perform remediation of mold in areas less than 25 Sq. Ft. However, again if, for a fee or a consultant, you are making a specific call as to the existence of mold then you are again required to be licensed.

Having said that I would have to question, at least in Texas, the value of attempting to market and provide any service based around this concept. If you run a cleaning service already then this might be an eye catcher or draw for those with phobias for germs. Otherwise, you risk crossing that not so gray line controlled by TSDHS.

Bio-shield is sold at Enviromental Solutions, It is just like the other anti microbial growth products on market. Microbes will not grow on it. For example applying it to hand rails to keep them sanitary, items that people touch thousands of times a day is one use.
Fogging after remediation to sheild the area from further contamination. But the remediation still needs done the same.
There are a lot of these type products out there in market.