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Thamesville family suing wind farm operator

$1.5M suit claims Kent Breeze Wind Farm negatively impacting their health

By Daily News Staff

Posted 3 hours ago

A Thamesville family has launched a $1.5 million lawsuit against the operator of a wind farm near their home for the negative health impacts they have experienced.
The Michaud family is claiming that living near Suncor’s Kent Breeze Wind Farm, west of Thamesville, began to affect their health almost immediately after it started operating, according a Canada News Wire Group release Wednesday.
The health effects family members said they have felt include vertigo, nausea and sleep disruption that have resulted in emergency hospital visits and being prescribed medication.
The Kent Breeze Wind Farm was the subject of an Environmental Review Tribunal hearing last spring, which included testimony by two dozen experts.
Eric Gillespie, legal counsel for the Michaud family, said, in a written release: “The government and Suncor’s own experts said these kinds of effects would likely occur. They still went ahead.”
He added, “the claim is based on what appears to be obvious negligence.”

Interesting. Keep us posted.

Sounds like someone is tilting at Windmills. Given the number of Wind Farms across the globe and the amount of raw data on the health effects this part of the Lawsuit probably doesn’t have a hope in hell of succeeding.

However there is a second part to it which is where they are claiming loss of value for their property.

That also is likely to fail as it has done on many other occasions across Ontario where people have sued generating companies for loss of value where new installations have been installed.

Unless there house is connected to one of the blades on the windmill without there permission, in which case all that whirling around would make me sick too.

Those wind farms a noisy. I would venture to say the “white noise” they put out could affect someone’s health in the long run.