Whats your plans for Memorial Day

What are you going to do to celebrate Memorial Day?
My wife and I and some friends are going on the West Coast Thunder Memorial Day Motorcycle Run
When went on this ride in 2008 and it was a blast (video below)


Here is 2012

Big & Rich to Perform at West Coast Thunder Memorial Day Motorcycle Run

Sounds like fun.

Working. Booked 2 for Monday

Honoring those who died for our country by celebrating our freedom and having a cookout.:cool:

memorial day.jpg

Let’s all keep the real purpose of Memorial Day in our minds.

Amen to that.

Vietnam Memorial National Mall DC

Korean War Memorial DC

WW2 Memorial DC

WW1 Memorial… I think, thumbnails hard to see. Edit this is a plaque at the Navy Memorial

Fallen Officers Memorial… RIP “Uncle Ed”

Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day 2012, Volunteers place a flag at each tombstone for Memorial Day weekend every year.


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, changing of the Guard, every American should visit here and learn of the story that plays on 24/7 rain or shine, through hurricanes and blizzards, everyday in honor of our fallen soldiers.

I have to work at InterNACHI. It’s only Memorial Day in one of the countries InterNACHI is in.

I have 1- 203K and 2 residential home inspections.

I will probably visit a random cemetary find a neglected soldiers grave and leave flowers.

After that its on the boat and see which way the wind is blowing.


Usually I go down to the Bourne, MA National Cemetery to visit my grandfather’s grave. Don’t know if I’d be up to the walking this year, but might go if I feel good.

He retired from the USAF a Lieutenant Colonel, was a pilot in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He was shot down in his P-47 Thunderbolt over occupied France, a couple of weeks after D-Day (which he took part in). Left the burning plane at about 300’ altitude, parachute had barely opened when he hit the ground, luckily in soft farm land but was still badly injured and earned his Purple Heart. He was stationed in Germany during Korea, flying DC-3s around all over Europe. During Vietnam he flew troop carrier missions in C-130s, and flew “Blind Bat” missions, dropping flares on targets for the fighter bombers. After retiring from the USAF, in the 70’s and 80’s he flew for the FAA as a flight inspection pilot.

For me, Memorial day is his day.

Donald H. Chaplin_WWII.jpg
Donald H. Chalpin 1922-1996

Donald H. Chaplin_WWII.jpg