Whay is your opinion

Concerning the Tap style gas and water valves?
Im personally not a fan in drilling a hole in a perfectly good pipe, Especially when there is an alternative.

First photo is a Gas line, second is water.

I’m not a fan either, They can leak easily. In the state of Chicago, they are not allowed on the water pipes, not sure if allowed on gas, but I would guess not…

When did Chicago upgrade?

They are fine on water lines if they are done right.I have never seen it on A gas line and if I did it would be tagged as A safety concern.

Not sure exactly when it was instituted, been at least a year as far as I know. I myself had those in two houses that I owned, and both leaked.

I’m just messin’ with ya. I was referring to Chicago’s statehood.

OH!! LOL, Chicago has always thought of itself as a State. In the Chicago area, many refer to Chicago as the “State of Chicago”.

That’s funny, I didn’t know that.