When a Home Inspector has a really bad day at work

Some days, just everything at the inspection goes wrong, and you end up with a big headache. :shock:


Was that from a realtor because you killed a deal?

Or a flipper that read a recent post? :slight_smile:


Or from a competitor?

I’ve never had that bad of a day. With the exception of the knife to the head, I’ve looked way worse than that. 22 years ago, I was a bad alcoholic, hanging around the wrong crowd. I got the crap beat out of me when 4 rednecks jumped me and whooped my --s. They had the nerve to even take off my new snakeskin boots that costed me a couple of humdred dollars. To make a long story short … I met up with them 4 rednecks with my poolstick at a Hardees resteraunt in Pulaski, Virginia.

Oh I got my boots back. I was so drunk and f–k-d up that I went to the Gravely house on Alum spring road. We partied like like crazy and were having a lot of fun. I was better looking than these 4 guys, and their old ladies took a liking to me. I was feeling really good by this time and started flirting back with them. Oh it got really heated with the ladies right before the same 4 dudes hit me from behind. They picked me up and slammed me through the kitchen table (like we were in a table match).

These 4 rednecks started stomping me from head to toe. They stomped me repeatedly in my face. They broke one of my ribs on my right side, where they kept kicking and kicking me. They kicked me in my private parts over and over. They held me down screaming and twisted my neck, trying to break it. Then they threw me out of the house. I had the most painful 5 -10 mile walk back to my house, late that night. My poolstick was broke and a big knot swelled up on the back of my head. My nose was broken and swelling up. Both of my eyes were black and swolen up. my lips were puffed out with swelling.

I tried my hardest to fight back that night but I was unsuccessful. Getting jumped by 4 white guys (rednecks), twice in the same day, is something I will never forget. I assure you that I haven’t forgot.

^^^holy crap man

Ummmm… Wow

Yep, true story.

I learn from my mistakes though. One time at the age of 15 my buddy Scott and I got into 1 heck of a fight over this girl (Tina), and whoever won would get her. We fought for about 3 minutes (it seemed like an hour), I had got the best of him. I went to shake his hand that the best man had won.

When we grasped hands together for a manly handshake, he pulled me in and sucker punched me. He had a small metal pipe from machine shop with him and used it like a pair of brass knuckles on me. Honestly, that is one of the worst beatings that I had ever recieved. He wanted this girl worse than I did apparently. He left me laying im a ditch, flattened my tires and took off. I can still feel those painful blows to my face.

When I finally made it back home, my brother Chris said: "Oh my God Mike, where is that M-F’R at, I’ll kill him. My mother and stepfather arrived and I had my back to them for a while. They had me turn around and tears filled their eyes and anger went through my stepfather Doug.

Needless to say: the very next day I started learning to block. For the next several years my stepdad taught me to fight. He taught me a lot of what he learned from his teacher: Dr. Jerry Beasley, an 9th degree black belt, who worked for a while with Chuck Norris. I have learned: Karate, Hapkido / Tae Kwon Do, Jiujitsu, Jeet Kune Do (which I still practice with some Kenpo, and teach my daughter: Autumn, along with Tai Chi). My stepfather grew up in the streets of Baltimore Maryland, which is why he made sure that I knew how to street fight.

I hate to admit it but I’ve hit people with beer bottles, pool sticks, car antennas, tire irons, choked people out with a 3 ft. chain, and have kicked 2 different people with their backs turned to me. A fight is a fight. I also wear a really strong leather belt and remember when my good friend Billy Davis and I got into a fight with a bunch of college students at Virginia Tech.

I am no longer a bad a–, I once was. It use to be the bigger the better, because I knew that they were a lot slower than me. I will still fight if I absolutely have too. I am tired of being jumped or hit in the head. I have a family now. I just lost my 3 stepkids to their biological father. It’s just my wife, my daughter and myself from here on out. That’s why I’m back in Virginia trying to get back on my feet. Don’t get me wrong, I was very confident walking around in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve got to go … I’m getting a little emotional.

-Be safe and take care

Wow Michael, glad you lived thru all of that!
I’m very lucky I got out of New York without being in jail or DEAD. That was 1969.
I’m not a fighter, so I do carry to stop threats.
Only had to draw once & it stopped s h i t before a shooting.

The craziest thing that happened to me was when my client opened the door for me to perform mold testing.
This Pit Bull flew out at me & grabbed me by the arm.
There was a struggle & blood on this guy’s wall.

After a hospital visit & 5 days later, animal control called me & said they
put the dog down 2 hours after the attack - it was cremated.
GREAT - it was 7 years old & never vaccinated. They told me I had 2 more days to start on a series of Rabies shots.

Hell of a way to make money, but the Corvette is still in the garage. :wink:

RabiesSerum 11-3-14.JPG

The seller didn’t like that I said the roof was in poor condition. :smiley:

This what most of the year is like for me and I hate it :frowning:


I was fine with the first picture but the last one will give nightmares

You either look like you saw death or you look like death warmed over.


Mike, that’s a pretty good Halloween costume.