When a Home Inspector Misses Something.

When a Home Inspector Misses Something.

In addition to a giving a brief verbal description of the inspection and its limitations, refer your new clients to a “New Clients” page and include web links to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice, the inspection contract (also developed by InterNACHI), and a “Systems Excluded” page detailing what’s not typically included as part of the General Home Inspection.

Remove the extra a.

As an inspector, good judgment is one of your most important tools, and it’s a skill which can be learned. Reading the InterNACHI message boards will help you sharpen this skill painlessly by allowing you to learn from the mistakes and experiences of other inspectors. In addition to providing education, the boards offer inspectors a chance to become part of the world’s largest international inspection community that offers opportunities and support during the difficult times many inspectors face in breaking into the industry.

I didn’t know that we had more than one board. Please provide a link to our other message board.


Thanks for the catch, Greg!

(Also, the plural use of boards in “message boards” is merely to indicate that there are multiple discussions, active threads and different areas to read and post.)

It’s a message board with multiple forums.

In 32 years I’ve never missed anything…

Things have quit working later - that were working when I was there.

Things that were not visible when I was there later became problems.

Things that I did NOT inspect OR consider material later became a problem to the new owner.

Things that were deliberately hidden, disquised or known to the seller and NOT to me / later became a problem for the new owner.

As sympathetic as I am - I can’t become an insurance company for people for the fees we charge. In my area the average mechanical warranty runs $425 to $450 AND has wording **LIMITING **their annual outlay to no more than $2500-$3500 / FOR a MECHANICAL only Warranty.

Its **NOT **feasible or economically possible for me to PROVIDE a structural, mechanical, roof, and pest GUARANTY on my $300-$350 inspections.

SORRY buyers and realtors - Nice try but no tamale.

Same here, Dan. I once had a buyer that removed ivy from a foundation, and found large cracks. He wanted to know why I missed the cracks on my report. I referenced him back to the pictures and the report. Sorry. I am not your free contractor and an insurance provider to your agent.