When a water heater makes noise...what is it ?

Did one a couple days ago…it was 10 years old

It sounded like there was banging on the inside…


Hard water build up on the bottom what you hear is the water turning to steam and then escaping past the build up into the water.
Tank could be getting old over 10 years and sounds like the owner has not been flushing the tank

Added http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SHMwgLk1lA

I agree with Roy, only occurs on gas water heaters. On electric water heaters the element usually burns out when the hard water build-up covers the element.

Recent client of mine got the seller to replace the gas water heater because I reported the sediment knock.

Yes, it can be important.

Sediment buildup often sounds like popping corn…

Thanks Mike…

Cool…we are going to write it up…

This is why emptying the tank at least once a year is good, it gets rid of the sediment building up on the bottom.

Except most would not be comfortable replacing the T&P valve too. I totally agree with draining the tank annually, but make them aware they will probably not be able to use the same valve. Minerals are the number one cause for valve failures.

Emptying not necessary.

Open drain valve under pressure all the way until it flows clear.

Short hose recommended

Manufacturers recommend drain off a bit every month to remove deposits