When are dues due? Please Help!

Hi I am about to sign up but I cannot get a very important answer. are yearly due due one year frome the time I sign up or every january. Please answer a.s.a.p because I am trying to join right now and I cannot afdford to pay now and then again in 2 weeks.

Mike Meeker

You get at least a year regardless of when you join. Don’t worry, if you join today, you will not have to pay again in 2 weeks.

Mike M, Welcome
You will not find a better place to spend your money than in a INACHI membership. (assuming you are entering the world of Home Inspections) Take your time going through the courses, and post questions on the message board. Most questions are answered in hours if not minutes.

Welcome Mike,

Michael Roberson is 100% correct… The information here is never ending. It is worth every penny…

I always get an invoice 4 months before my expiration date.