When clients attack!...........Their lawyer.

I guess if you’re unhappy with your professional’s services you could consider taking drastic measures. View This

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Michael, what do you expect of a Bad Lawyer, and a 36" railing in a Commercial setting? ha. ha.

Marcel :mrgreen:

Marcel, I couldn’t tell if he was pushing her or just grabbing her arm too turn her around.

Probably an older building. When did it change?


Could not tell myself, but either way, she was being pushed or wanted to jump, and to me, that has the same definition “a bad Lawyer” ha. ha. :mrgreen:

Railing heights in Commercial settings have been 42" for a long time, and frankly can’t remember when it was put into affect.
This would be a question for the Code Gurrus out there.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: