When Do Your Recommend An Electrician?

We all see electrical defects like these ones from today’s home inspection blog (Feed back and Google +1’s welcome :slight_smile:

And most of us probably recommend they be repaired by a licensed electrician.


What sorts of things are too trivial to be concerned with? (ie. a low voltage double tap for a door bell?)

What sorts of things might some think insignificant, but you emphasize the risk because of your experience?

Thanks for your thoughts and feed back.

I hope I just dealt with my last snowy roof last week. Spring is springing. :cool: Dry roofs and warm weather to you all.

That’s up too you if you think it is dangerous then it needs to be repaired .
If you think it is trivial then again write it up or ignore your choice .

Example trivial cracked plug cover ,Dangerous plug cover missing .

If you do not have one I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of NFPA 73, “Electrical Inspection Code for Existing Dwellings”. We all know pretty much what “new” looks like or should look like but the vast majority of what we inspect is existing, older homes that may have numerous issues or discrepancies that are hard to nail down when it comes to determining exactly what we are looking at.
This publication spells it out in detail and makes it easier for you, the inspector to justify / back up your comments.

It is very short (3 or 4 pages), short bullet statements that covers pretty much everything you will run across. Comes at it from the “safety” angle.

Simple, any time there is a potential for a person to come into contact with live high-voltage components (generally 120V or 240V) I will recommend a qualified electrician.

It doesn’t require an electrician to install a cover plate or change a light bulb, and low voltage components are very unlikely to harm anyone.


Thanks for the replies gentlemen.

Roy and Jeffery, you are spot on.

Doug, you are right the NFPA73 is a great tool for “backing up” home inspection electrical defect finds. Thanks again.

:eek:This pic is from a St. Catharines Home Inspection from last spring. Those squirrels sure can be pranksters.:o