When does a coupling become a pipe?

“Look- I had 18” of pipe and this bag of couplers…"


How much cement does it take to flavor the water?

I think someone P***ed off the installer, charged extra for the fittings

Looks like someone didn’t want the left over purple primer go to waste …

that had to be some kind of bad joke…

Kinda like…wierd!! …ya’ know???

I don’t know did you save all this over the years ? Seen some wild posts , surely they didnt come from your inspections:shock:

I’ve seen this before most on seasonal homes. Seasonally disconnected and the occasional W/H replacement…pretty soon they run out of pipe to reconnect to the system. Obviously, a union would have been ideal, but a union is 5 bucks, a coupling is only 19 cents. LOL

Please tell me that all of this was not from 1 inspection. Your killing me. And im sure the report killed you.

Someone sent me a PDF of all these wild photos. They killed me they were so funny I had to share them.

Thanks for sharing, Im still laughing. Ive come accross some crazy stuff but its hard to laugh with a client standing next to you.