When does COE really work

4 years of a members stalking me.
I am not amused and will be making some official complaints.
I hope InterNACHI deals with this.

This will be continually posted until I see he is reprimanded.

Who is it?


He’s went off his meds and is hallucinating again.

Throw the bum out (of the MB sections) before he causes me anymore harm by his incessant unfounded attacks on my reputation!

He wants to start trouble, he picked the right man to f*ck with!

Robert please take it easy!
Your Friend Roy Lewis.
This MB is like looking at TV.
If you don’t like it change the channel…Uh Huh!

It’s time to get back on your meds Robert.

We’ve been through this with your psychotic episode for the last 3 or 4 years and it was always your failure to take your meds that made you paranoid.

Please get professional help ASAP.


Yup… looks like Robert Young just made Google with his unfounded and slanderous attacks against me!


I am monitoring all social media I participate in, and some that I don’t, including all other MB’s I post to, and others that I don’t, (but are industry related), and the SH*T is about to hit the proverbial fan for Robert Young of Montreal, Canada.

He knows not what he has done!

I highly recommend a well worded and heavily PUBLIC apology and retraction while you still have a chance.

This is the only warning you will receive prior to action being taken.