When house falls out of escrow

Recently I’ve had a few clients fall out of escrow.

Some due to the inspection, Some due to the house didn’t appraise, some due some other issues.

Now they’re all still going to get the normal 60 day follow up and 1 year follow up emails. But it’s a bit silly to send the normal wording, since they didn’t buy the home. But it might be nice to send a different follow up.

And some of them re-hired me to inspect a 2nd/3rd home, so now they’re going to multiple follow ups with multiple addresses.

I don’t really want to SPAM my clients with tons of follows up.

I realize I could go into each inspection and turn off each individual email, but that gets time consuming.

I can cancel email events, but I don’t want to loose the record of emails events that have already happened.

I don’t want to create different inspection type tied to different emails, because the inspection type didn’t change on my end, just on their end.

Is there an easily solution?


Could a “escrow didn’t close” button ever be added? (It would be nice to track how many homes don’t close).

You can cancel individual emails for that client.

I have the same problem but in most cases I don’t know if they bought or if the sale fell through for some reason. If they schedule me for another inspection due to not buying the first one then I know what happened.

I have never had anyone complain about the follow up emails.

Same with me. I go back to the clients order and cancel all future emails but many times I don’t know when it falls through till they call again. I guess better follow up would solve that issue:)