When is a catch pan needed below attic furnace.

I understand high efficiency furnaces and air handlers that have a/c should have catch pans installed below when located in an area where leaking could cause damage.

Am I correct in assuming from this picture that this furnace would not need a catch pan. IMG_0030.JPG

Not needed

We don’t have furnaces without AC’s here. Where is the AC?

Cooling is not a necessity. Some simply can’t afford it or don’t need it, especially in Washington.

If it was fueled by propane, then it would.

Depending on local requirements, pans may be required on condensing furnace. You would see pvc vent and condensate drain. From the picture this does not appear to be the case for this unit. A/C units are more of a concern due to the amount of condensation and should have a pan to prevent damage.