When is a garage not a garage?

I inspected a home on saturday and the garage was only 14’ long. Past owners expanded a bathroom and took up garage space. Now, not many cars will fit in the garage. (maybe a smart car)

How would you write this up?

It’s not for me to determine the length of my clients car. :wink:

That said, I have pointed out a short stall or two during the verbal walk through.

A motorcycle will fit. Sounds like a small garage, but a garage none the less.

(I always include a statement advising clients to measure the garage size for themselves to ensure their vehicles will fit, so that if they expect to park the suburban there they can’t blame me if it won’t fit.)

I have a statement that the garage was modified so that parking a car in it may be difficult.

Guess they will have to learn how to parallel park their car in there.

sliding in sideways?..:mrgreen:

Point out that the dimensions have been changed in the Garage.

And note there were modifications to the Bedroom/Bathroom that may or may not have been made with a Building Permit.

Sure! Ever see the Blues Brothers film where they’re driving down the street, see an empty parking spot on the other side of the street, do a sudden 180 and slide sideways into a parking spot between cars?
If it’s your own house, you can practice anytime you want!

If modified to where an average vehicle will not fit, I report the enclosure as structurally modified and classify as a storage facility (not garage).
Other’s mileage may vary…

As long as you can park the Harley in it, who cares?