When is enough - really enough

Dear collegaues, I consider that some members take their passion in defaming people as enshrined and protected as “freedom of speech”.

It always has a different sense of importance based on whether you believe it is true and deserving of the person, or whether it based on fact, or worst yet based on smearing a person’s reputation.

Although we may seem to take “free speech” as freedom to do or post whatever you please, there still is a part that deals with those that believe their words or actions are above the law.

Freedom of speech does not include freedom to lie, slander, defame and libel. The First Amendment contains no such right or entitlement.

On the same token, there are many who come to our message board to advance their own political (or other) agendas and use this very public and widely read place in an attempt to favorably brand themselves and to unfavorably brand others.

Once you place your footprint here…you take the risk of having it enshrined or urinated upon. No one is compelled to register or post, here. No one is immune from the opinion that differs from theirs or the expression of emotion that your posts (here and elsewhere) may provoke.

Thanks James words of wisdom, but be it as it may there will always be “political” differences and certainly some here to promote their agendas, as well as their products.

Where I see a huge difference is where individuals seem to feel that a forum offers unrestricted right to “publicly” promote slanderous statements. What part of acting in a professional manner does that offer to best portray the industry.

It seems that perhaps less than 1% of the people that post here feel that such “comments” are really a necessary part of offering others anything of real value or substance to help other inspectors.

I simply ask what is the main purpose of posting such information? If it is based on assumption - clearly state so, but if it is offered as fact than support the allegation with something of substance to prove the point.

Unfortunately information posted can be biased, distorted, incomplete or even down-right prejudice. So the concern I offer is who or what “body” protects those that are slandered, from those that feel they have the right to slander others? I suggest that promoting such unfortunate information causes harm to the rights, privacy and freedom of others, particularly those named in the postings.

Would it be possible to be more specific without participating in the act that you are complaining about?

I think this is the perfect place for political discussion. Heck, if we can’t discuss politics (which affects our industry and our businesses) on a trade association’s message board… where are we to discuss politics? Politics is a public matter.

Thanks Nick, I agree politics is one thing - but would it not be more inviting to stick to helping each other rather than mud slinging and pissing in the wind?

Or perhaps back to what is was meant to be “…to have peaceful, educational and informative discussions related to the inspection business. Simple as it sounds - discuss the topics and do not get into personality conflicts and/or arguments.”

One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Unless you just run with the pack and say what everyone else does here you will catch a lot of c r a p.

Trust me I know.

There is a ton that can be learned here but if you have your own opinions you best have thick skin.

Ignore the idiots, help others when you can and learn what you can from those who opinions you value.

Claude…say what you will, you know he cant help himself.


Let the have dozen or so who bash each other remember…

Arguing with a fool proves there are two. -Doris M. Smith

In a perfect world with perfect people this may be possible. Given light to whom your referring to is not perfect nor will perfection be attained, so your stuck with the antics of raving fools which garner the 1% and you seem to have most of them piling it on you. I guess it comes down to proving them wrong or walking away from the discussion with them. your choice…

As a note to you, if the 1% has violated the membership rules or COE then you can make a complaint to the ethics committee and let them decide if any course of action needs to be taken.