When is the last time you had a checkup for .....

Colon Cancer


I only have one State to visit, and Guam before I can say I have been there too!

Last year I am good for 5 more years thank you :slight_smile: The exam was a bit**
but the stuff I had to drink for the day before was worse (but it did clean me out) I think I saw God about 2:00 that morning sitting there on the crapper. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The worst—**absolutely the worst!!!—**experience ever.

I’ve had a multiple bypass—kindey stones—pancreatitis (those two are the most painful ever invented) and diverticulitis. But that episode with the “FLEET” (and I don’t mean the Navy) is —ABSOLUTELY THE WORST!!!

Even having hemorhoids disolved was not that bad…

Jalapenos and raw Garlic seem to clean out the system
well and reduce cases of colon cancer.

Nothing can live through the purging fire of napalm. :shock:

The worst part was the prep:ack!: The procedure was nothing; however, the purging process was awful :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch:.

It is better than the alternative**!!!**

Do not mean to pee on anyone’s parade but just because someone gets a checkup doesn’t mean everything is hunkey doorie. My father in law just had a complete physical in May of this year, given a clean bill of health. We just had his funeral in August. He had cancer of the esophagus, the liver and lungs. So much for quality health care. He found out he had cancer and in two weeks to the day he was dead. He was a robust, outdoorsman who never was sick. At 75 he still went hunting, camping and did pretty much anything he wanted. In short do not let a checkup lull you into a false sense of wellness. If anything appears out of the ordinary do not sit on it. His doctors just gaffed off some symptoms and never pursued them.

Sorry to hear that Doug. Everything you said is correct.


absolutely the worst!!!—

Ya think thats the worst, consider having 5 of them in 4 months. I didn’t but my neighbor did. He looks like a raisin.

Letter in today’s Inky [Philadelphia Inquirer]:

"Colonoscopy not cheap

I am a 64-year-old retiree. My doctor suggested that I have a colonoscopy, since I had never had one. I went and had the test done and got a clean bill of health. No problem.

Then the bills began to come. Insurance does not cover everything. At first I paid the small amounts, but then the big ones came: $444 and $1,301. So I asked: How much did this colonoscopy cost? The answer: $11,722. I could not believe this. I was shocked. This is a simple test that everyone is encouraged to have done. It is a preventive measure to check for colon cancer.

I am not even sick, and they charged this outrageous amount. Is this the usual and customary fee? I have been to the hospital to try to talk to them about the details. I spoke to a “customer facilitator” with no results.
Now the collection agency is hounding me. So I will go ahead and pay, because my credit rating will be affected if I don’t.

Is this what the medical profession has come to? It was suggested that I have another colonoscopy in five years. What will it cost by then?

David Cunningham



I don’t recall paying anything for mine other than the health insurance premium. Can this test really cost that much? Mine was done in the doc’s office. I did have general anesthesia, though. I was more worried about that than the procedure.

The involuntary “sound effects” in the recovery room are a little embarrassing. To lighten the mood, I asked my recovery nurse to “pull my finger”. She rolled her eyes in a never-heard-that-one-before gesture.

Ok guys, it is time to ask your doctor for a set of 4 pills you take 12 hrs before the test. After the first test with the liquid suicide drink with major heart problems caused by it. Found out that the salt in the drink was the cause of my heart acting up. My doctor gave me a set of 4 pills to take. I did not get sick from them, and I spent most of the 12 hours on the crapper. :shock: But I was clean as a whistle.:smiley: </IMG></IMG>

3 words
Be Proactive about your health, you are the only one who can.
Soluable and non-soluable fiber helps to maintain the natural flow of things after digestion has occured. I am sure you have heard it 1000 X’s before. What a simple thing. One thing that helps prevent CC is to introduce about 25 grams per day to diet. It can be in the form of a liquid (Metamucal), roughage from a plant source, or grain sourced. It will extend your life by cleaning out impacted materials that can accumulate for years. When the cells of the colon are continually being bombarded by imacted fecal matter, they regenerate themselves abnormally. This often results in a continual growth pattern of cells that form a mass or tumor. Keeping the system clean and operating well is a simple daily act.
Another thing is, even though we may eat enough dairy products, calcium/magnesium tablets at night time help to keep the muscle contractions along the colon and thoughout the body functioning at a normal pace, plus you end up sleeping a little better too.
I have had 4 family members die due to colon cancer. I am younger, but I continually update my diet and lifestyle to ensure I do not have to endure the pain and misery colon cancer brings. I know I am ranting here, but I feel very strongly about it.

I call them diet pills they sure do work .
Roy Cooke

Eat lots of fruit, lots of raw vegetables, eat potatoes ‘skins and all’, read books on nutrition. If there’s a change in you BMs or if you are not ‘regular’ take that as a sign.

Me? These guys - www.time.gov - rely on my BMs to check the accuracy of their atomic clock.

Good to knoe Joe. Every Saturday my clock is 10 minutes off…Huh.