When my card got hacked I was not alone

Many of you may remember my card got hacked a few weeks back and I was not the only one.
Individual banks and processors said they had not yet determined the full extent of the breach, but the blog Krebs on Security, which first reported the breach, said it was “massive” and could affect more than 10 million cardholders.

Here is a article by LifeHacker
How to Tell If Your Credit Card Was Hacked in the Global Payments Breach

Thanks for the heads up Bob.

Identity theft is probably what I fear the most, I heard what a nightmare it can be getting everything straighten out and very time consuming also.

Hope you dont have to go through all of that.

I already did go through it.
Still waiting on some of the refunds as they trickle in.

Thanks Bob for the web links, I always enjoy reading articles like this, because for me in today’s digital world getting my credit card hacked is one of my fears. I do not keep all my eggs in one basket.

Thanks for the links.

Best thing to do is “put a lock on your credit” through the 3 credit agencies,
TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.
No one can open any kind of transaction, using your numbers, except you.

Good news is you are not responsible.
In my case it was a Debit which means hey have 90 days to refund all of it and I had to wait 10 days for a new card to be issued.

The result is me paying cash more often however it looks as if that does not matter in this case as it was an inside job from within the processors.