when NOT to use/install the cheap black plastic drain tiles

Per a manufacturer of drain tiles… if one scrolls down to --Selecting Perforated Pipe and reads, in part they say…
“As a general rule of thumb, we do NOT recommend the use of flexible plastic pipe (the cheap black flexible drain tile), at depths greater than 1.2 meters”

1.2 meters is just about 4’ deep. Got that?

So why in this fading republic do most CITY inspectors tell diy homeowners and contractors to install this cheap junk when, the manufacturer clearly says, nope, we do not recommend it’s use at depths greater than 4’???

Most foundation wall footings (where the dumb azz drain tile is placed) are 5 1/2’ or more deep, got that?

The WEIGHT of the backfill can cause that cheap black flexible drain tile to, collapse. Hellllllo!

And, if that drain tile ever gets clogged, roots etc and a plumber needs to use a snake to free the stooooopid clog then, the snake would rip/tear that cheap drain tile up.

PHOTO, 200 lbs standing on the black flexible drain tile

Photo-- when 200 lbs gets off the stooooopid drain tile

Photo- 200 lbs on PVC

See any diff, huh?

How much ya’s think the weight of the backfill is (gravel etc) for a 30’ long trench (waterproofing a wall) that’s 6’ deep, that is over, on top of, that cheap azz weak, thin shttty black plastic flexible drain tile, huh?

Imo, clay tiles are best, then pvc, never the black flexible perforated cheap garbage

Since they NEVER care to listen to us and learn, they need their azz’z sued, that might wake em up.

Got Milk?

Thanks! Good to know.