When Things Don't Go As Planned...

Old bank building that has been empty for a number of years. Drove by today and looks like they were trying to move it to another part of the property. Oops.



****l o l ****

Yikes. And Why the heck does every house mover use trucks that are like 40 years old?!

So when jobs fail like this one, they’re not out 80+K!

I believe the building was about 200ft to the left of where it is now. The road is not wide enough to move anywhere else with the two drive through lanes attached. I think they almost made it to where they were going. Too bad.

The secret is not to make it to where you are going, but to get there in one piece. :smiley:

Wonder if they had the Buy Back widget

Probably had a cool logo saying they are a building moving expert.