When to go live?

Hello i am in the process of getting the all set up here in ohio! But am not sure of when to pull the trigger and go live? what are some of the basic tools that you guys carry for just a basic inspection. My LLC is done and i am dealing with allen ins and will be using their pre inspection agreement. working on all of my internachi requirements but already am cret. Just do not want to jump the gun.
Could use a bit of help?!?
Brett Smith

Don’t come to Florida ! We already have enought yankees…
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“pulling the trigger” is likely going to be a very dry slow process before work comes in.

minimal tools:
a good inspection vehicle
6’ ladder and a longer one for getting on roofs or one of those expandable little giants
a good camera
a good flashlight
report software and a decent PC
a few screwdrivers
a moisture meter
a tape measure
a level
a method for carrying your tools
an outlet tester
knowledge and customer service skills

good luck

hey hey on the yankees lol we were just down there last year in orlando it was a great time. The tools you listed i have but i bought a low dollar moisture meter. I have been doing inspections for the Fire Department for some time now some of those folks are not (happy) to see us! lol
I did sign up for report host software i like their format.
Also do you produce reports on site? For me at first i think that will rush me i would rather go back to the office and review all of my data and give them quality im talking have it to them inside of 24hrs mostly the same day.

Avoid providing reports on-site when starting out. I wouldn’t work toward that goal until I’ve had enough years of practical experience doing home inspections under my belt. Ultimately limiting your liability.

I don’t recommend anyone do reports on site. I know many people do and are very successful with it but that tends to greatly reduce the amount of photos in you report. I like to take shots of everything I can operating so I can show the mad client when he calls me. See the photo in the report of the whirlpool tub jets operating when I was there? why are you calling me?

What kind of timeline do you tell your clients & do you go over any data onsite with them?
Also i was going to email it to them or what approach is working for you?

Not true.
In the example that you mentioned I would not be getting the call. I have a picture in my report that shows the jets operating.

In addition to the pictures in my report that were taken at the site I also take some as needed with my digital camera. Those pictures may or may not go in the report but they will be saved.

Your inspection company web address isn’t listed in your message board signature. Fix that first and we’ll go from there.

Spank! Yep!:roll:

I know sir i watched the video you did using WIX and will be doing that. One thing i was unsure of is can i build the site then wait till all the loose ends are tied up to go live?

often same day or early next morning. Never more than 24 hours unless I have some kind of emergency happen