When to Replace the Chimney Cap

I would like to get a better idea of how bad the cracks have to be in a chimney cap to recommend repairs. Would you recommend repairs to the chimney cap in the photo?


In my area for sure water can get in water when it freezes can generate a pressure of up to 25,000 lbs per sq inch .
In order for a 1/2 in pipe to stand the pressure of water freezing it would the wall would have to be two inches thick.
It is a simple fix never asphalt it is not made for chimneys the sun breaks IT down any good fine cement based product can be used .
I also recommend a bead breaker around the chimney so the cement does not stick to the chimney so the tile can slide up when it gets warm from a fire . this can be a strip of Tape .
Roy Cooke

Besides the repair, there are a few things I would recommend for this chimney. A swep, a spark arrester / rain cap.

Most likely, chimney caps would be constructed similar to the link below;


Marcel:) :slight_smile:

Oh! how I wish they would be built like this . I see so few that are even close to being proper.
Some even put in a drip edge . Thanks for the site Roy Cooke

Nice, Thanks Marcel :slight_smile:

It needs repair…

I wouldn’t hesistate to recommend repair because I never hesistate to avoid litigation.:slight_smile:

Is the crack big enough to get water in (YES)
does it some times freeze in this area (YES)
then it needs immediate repair to ignore a DIY $20;00 fix can soon lead to a $750.00 chimney repair .
The choice is the customers . I could care less if the follow my advice all I know is I want to make sure I reported it properly CRA

Roy Cooke