When was the last time PPE saved you?

When was the last time your personal protective equipment – whether some apparel or a piece of equipment – protected you from harm or some hazard during an inspection? What was the situation, and what was the PPE?

Please share your story here on the board and email me directly at kate@internachi.org if you’d like us to use your example in one of our courses/publications.

Thanks for your help and participation! :slight_smile:

How about when I **should **have been wearing it???

**Bump Hat… **while investigating the Well equiptment underneath the basement staircase!!! Ouch!!! :frowning:


Wish this thread started with examples of safety gear.

Here… I’ll get you started…

  1. Bump Hat
  2. Safety Glasses
  3. Gloves
  4. Work Shoes
  5. Knee Pads