When Was The Last Time You...

Checked the air pressure in your spare tire? How about all of your lights, fluids, and pressure in your other tires? And just for good measure do you have a hide-a-key on your vehicle?
I was doing a front to back inspection on my truck yesterday and my spare was 20 lbs. low and one of my license plate lights was out.

Great reminder .
I know I should do it more often . Thanks … Roy

It’s frustrating to be stranded or delayed for something small.

I carry a bomb to blow up the tires Saved me once and my wife once . Best $6;00 each I have ever invested .

Never checked the spare. I do have a Hide-a-key (with vehicle and house keys), and a cigarette lighter plug in air pump with a tire plug kit. I also have a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, jumper cables, and many flashlights.

I check and service my vehicles regularly. No need for a hide-a-key, because I’ve got OnStar. I can open my truck using an app on my Droid :D.

I wear loose-fitting shirts so I doesn’t show.:):slight_smile:



What happens when you loose your keys and lock your phone in the Car? lolol

I have a AAA card :cool:


About 2 weeks ago I had a flat tire and the spare was stuck under my truck. Rusted cable. I was rescued by a CVS good
Samaritan program.

Now my tire is in the bed with a jack that I know how to operate.

I was lucky that day!!

As long as I have access to ANY phone, I can call OnStar to open my vehicle. In addition, I have sensors on all my tires (yes, including the spare) that tell me if pressure is low.

I have the same thing…my wife. She tells me all the time the tires “look low to her” so I check them at least once a week just to make her happy. Never have to put any air in them but I don’t want to spoil her sense of being on top of things.

I do a walk around every workday.
I check everything weekly.
I check the spare monthly.
I carry basic handtools, etc. everyday.
I carry a full first aid kit, replenished after every use.
I carry a dedicated flashlight just for vehicle use.
I have AAA Plus.

Did you know that if your vehicle is classified as “commercial”, you are required by the U.S. D.O.T. to keep a log book of your “DAILY” vehicle inspection??? :shock:

Didn’t think so. :wink:

Thanks for the reminder as I keep forgetting to patch my spare

Jeff i was really joking.
But in case there is a electronic war, and all communications are blocked i will lend you my slim jim;-)

I bet you always wanted to be a cop .:wink: