When will this leak

When do you think this will have moisture problems?


it started leaking the day they put it up…

Buck, based on pix

before you arrived!

what was the MC on the other side of the waswood?


Failure Is Imminent

Why would you assume that? There are many “panels” designed for this look/application, such as this example… http://www.anticoelements.com/better-than-cast-stone/170-comiso-panel-faux-stone-sand.html

Typical pre-cast stone installation

How would you have done it differently?

This stuff is the next EIFS.

Detail is found on pg 16

Not likely if it was installed properly.

Can’t tell from the photo other than it is faux stone veneer.

What was your diagnosis? :slight_smile:

Buck I have made a boat load of money off this junk. Most contractors don’t know how to install it. Moisture intrusion big time. One has to find out the type and amount of housewrap behind the stone and sometimes that is impossible without removing some stone. I have been envolved in 5 law suits on this type stone. Testifying as to improper installing. I agree this is going to be the next effis

Airstone has almost the exact look to it. If installed wrong will leak but like stated can’t tell right away, maybe a moisture or IR scan from inside the home if possible.

I would’ve caulked the top corners where trim meets top of stones

In Canada this stuff gets pushed of the wall every winter with the frost .

It does the same here…