When you immediately know

That the heat pump ain’t gonna work… ! Huh?

That the piers are all screwed up… Huh?

And last but not least! That Billy Bob didn’t know jack crap on how to put a porch on a double wide… Huh? That support member is on the roof shingles… Wow!
Another day in the Red Neck wild South.
The South may never rise again! Nope! Dang it!
I could have wrote this 2014 Candominium up all flippin’ day… LOL!


At least it won’t rot he used PT lumber. :upside_down_face:

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Was the heatpump open like that when you arrived?

Just like in the image.
That’s a 2013 York heat pump package unit.

The buyer told me Roy stop please… he said I seen enough.
I told him hell no I’m on a roll now.
Just please don’t lean up against the side of it when I’m under it. My Ride Along was dying laughing. About broke out in tears a couple of times on this one. That’s why I like inspecting


I’m only posting some of the highlights on this one. I was totally amazed all the issues of the 2014 candominium. Believe it or not I’m still chuckling about this.

Does the town inspect those where you are?

Yes and they’re usually quite good at doing it.
Manufactured homes fall under HUD guidelines. It had all had all the proper Oliver bracing and all the tie-downs were secure. But in these little counties that I work in. Get this Dixie County. It’s a little bit laxed.
What happened to most of these piers is lack of gutters which caused the perimeter Piers to fail And lack of proper skirting. Which allowed armadillos in which burrowed under the pads.

I’m on my phone so excuse proper grammar and punctuation

That’s a good one Roy.
For a minute there, I thought the framer left his glass of rum and coke on the roof. LOL



He removed the covers to facilitate your inspection…

Nope! It has been open for a while.

Nothing like pointing out the obvious to the buyer HUH @rlewis5
It sounds like he took a pass on purchasing that gem :gem:

Not so fast mate. Might have been Billy Bob’s uncle hillbilly, cracker head uncle Bart Bob Junior or distiller Red Neck Sam down at the back of the swamp that’s highly known for sellen moon shine and seeing eye dogs. So, Roy. Not so fast mate. The only constant is the heat pump and porch are suspect…

Wow just wow