When you take a pic of a simple defect...then it appears


What is your question?

Just wondering if I should include a picture with a pentagram engraved on the chimney cap. :man_shrugging:


Depends on who you’re asking. I would not find the pentagram to be offensive but others might. Would you be asking the question if there was a cross or a star of David in the photo?

It keeps the witches from going down the chimney! I would include it, no problem.


If you have any concerns, just crop the image down.

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Crop and dismiss. Not our job… :wink:

I thought he was referring to something else…

Dick (6)


Good point. I would just ignore it like it wasn’t there. I do not crop these out.

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Okay, I laughed. Was this not supposed to be funny, or was the humor just lost on most others?


Depends which post you are referring to.

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I thought it was just a star. Nothing special. Include it.

Pentacle. Wards off evil spirits. Keeps unpleasantries from swooping down the chimney.
From the looks of your photo - that one may be expired. :flushed:
It also looks like you have a “J.C.” inscribed below it. Brick mason was having commitment anxiety.

Good question. I would include it. It can be left or removed this way.
Also Note; the crown was not proportionately site manufactured. It does not provide complete protection for the brick masonry below. It should be 4" inches wider than the brick masonry and have a capillary break.


I’m thinking I would be recommending further investigation by qualified professionals image

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Great catch, Thank you Robert!

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Whatever it is, it didnt ward off the 4 Bats I found in the attic! lol

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What would a capillary break look like on a chimney?



Chimney cap