Where are the deals?

So I have talked to Jason Kaylor(VERY helpful!), but who else should I go to regarding the purchase of an infrared camera? I like getting several sources but I am running into information overload everywhere I look. Is there a post anywhere with a list of sources?

And if I need to learn a secret handshake to get in the door I’m up for it. :slight_smile:

What do you want to do with it? Once we have an answer to that question we will have an idea of the type/style of camera necessary to perform the job you want. There are the big names Flir Fluke Testo Micron and so on.

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Jeff M.,

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I already know the type of camera I’m going to get, I was just wondering who or where should I go to to purchase it. I’m getting either the Flir E50bx or the E30BX. So in a month or two I’ll be either broke and happy or just happy.:smiley:

Some places give discounts to NACHI members, others throw in deals on training, and I’m willing to consider any and all of those options. When I make a big purchase like this my mindset is “the more the merrier”. I’ll talk to sales people all day long if it gets me a better deal than I would’ve gotten otherwise.

Thanks for the link Jeff J. and I’ll shoot you an email John.

Ya think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres a big difference between asking where to get a good deal on a “used car”, and where to get a deal on a “Ferrari HK” (see below). :shock:



Check Transcat. I bought my E50 there and got a GREAT deal. I did some shopping, price comparing and finally went to them with my pricing research. They were more than willing to talk price and ended up giving me an excellent price.

Dude, my ex-wife bought that Ferrari in the divorce. She was a San Rio nut.

Cameron, let me know what you find out. I think I mentioned we have connections with the training as well.

Darrel, did you call us? I have not been beat by Transcat once this year…to my knowledge. They have a big overhead to take care of that we don’t.

I have an E60BX package sitting here that I can make a good deal on. The customer changed his mind at the last second and went with an E60 instead.

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I bought it for $4890

Thanks for the PM Jason, that offer definately beats the Transcat price Darrel posted.

And that has got to be the worst paint job on a Ferrari in the history of mankind. :slight_smile:

Goes to show you how much markup these cameras have. The going price seems to be about $5400. I’m surprised you can get much lower than $600 off of that.

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