Where are you located?

There are MANY questions on this forum that cannot be answered, with any accuracy, without knowing where the OP is located.

Would it be too much to ask that participants include their location somewhere so it show up in each post without having to put it there each time?

There are different ways to do that and I’m sure I won’t list them all. So, add to it if you would like the info from the posters. (Note: You may have to log in.)

  1. Click on the house in the upper right hand of this page, then click on your name in the same location area of the page, then click on MY DASHBOARD, then click on Your Profile Update and fill it out. ((Make changes to your profile below. Please note that it may take up to 15-30 minutes for some changes to take effect (especially on the public sections of NACHI.ORG).))

  2. Click on the house, then click on MORE, then click on FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, the scroll down and search for items that will identify you and/or your company and fill those out.

I’m sure there is more but that should help EVERYONE get better answers, answer with more accuracy and get a boost in SEO Search Engine Optimization.


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Great post Larry. It sure would help responding to posts. :grin:

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How do you do this part?
@jjonas explained it once a few months back in a thread but I cannot for the life of me find where that was. Haven’t thought of it since until this thread.


To add a default Signature to your Forum postings …
Click on your Avatar at the top RIGHT of this page…
Click on your NAME at the top left of the drop-down window…
Click on Preferences
Click on PROFILE in the left column…
Scroll DOWN to and CHECK the ENABLE Signature box then add your desired information in the following table.
Note: You are only allowed to enter ‘so much’ information, and you will often need to play around with it to get something usable.
Be sure to hit the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the page!!

Good luck!

Click picture on top right, then click name to left, then click preferences, then click profile. Scroll down and click enable signature (See user signatures below posts), add info and save at bottom of page.

Gee, where have I read that before?? :wink:

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Sorry JJ. I just answered the question and didn’t read further until now. :pensive:

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No worries. Just giving you a bit of ribbing. I often do the same, especially if many replies have already been posted! :slight_smile:

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Haha, I’ve noticed that a few times myself. However, some of them are nice to see others agree with your reply!


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I’m glad i’s you, Roy! :grin:

@jjonas @lkage thanks!
This is a test to see if it works.

It works!!!

You got my reply above, didn’t you?!!

Three one with directions yeah.


Please fill out your info. It will help you and all of us with better answers and questions!

See above for directions. :smile:

I did everything he wrote. There’s no other information to fill out. Am I missing something?

Naw, you’re lookin’ good. I was just trying to bump it to the top again.

Maybe more inspectors will get the message that it is for the good of all. :smile:

Shoe size please