WHERE Are you staying?

If you are going to the convention, where are you staying, Does anyone wish to share a room?

John David was looking for a roomy earlier:


Econo-lodge Inn and Suites, Toronto Airport.

1500 feet dorn the road.

A little more than 1/2 the room cost at the main hotel (83 USD vs 139 USD).

I am driving and will have a big truck. Anyone need a ride, just call.

Address: 6355 Airport Rd. Mississauga, ON.
Phone: (905) 677-7331

I booked through ORIBITS.com

Beats the heck out of Orlando, don’t it?

I’m staying at the Holiday Inn but I’ve had over 20 Ontario inspectors invite me to stay at their homes. One invitation wasn’t even from a NACHI member but a CAHPI member. Canadians are always so friendly.

But Nick, to stay at a Canook house don’t you have to wear Snow Shoes and Drink like LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of Beer type beverages, :wink:
I think the snow shoes are to keep you from falling over, :wink: