Where are you strong

Ok this is a poll wondering where do NACHI members feel they have the strongest knowledge.
Anybody saying marketing gets a red:)

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Well, I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle, Bob, you did it.

Looking good.

Nice job.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Bob is your nephew???

Linas; Yeah, you didnt’t know that?


Hope Bob don’t get mad when he wakes up. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

He looks better without his glasses.(lady killer looks) I think I may look into corrective eye surgery myself.

I still have that picture of my uncle too.

These are telling me so far that a Heating and cooling course should be more of an educational offering.

Yeah it appears that the heating and cooling area and insulation is what the voters feel they are lacking in. Those are two of the biggest complaint generators as well. Oh by the way Bob, happy 1 year fella.

Thanks Ian.
I need lots of business , now that I spoke with the IRS.:slight_smile:

Marketing, followed by structure.

I warned you about the red.

I saw the warning, but I thought it was only for those who play the silly game, which I don’t.

Marketing, marketing, marketing. There! :stuck_out_tongue: :margarit:

It is not a game, but a serious inquiry in two parts.
Education and knowledge are serious subjects.
I am sure there is a lot of interest in which subject areas we can and should study the most.

You seem to be implying that marketing is a game and is not a serious subject. Perhaps that’s why so many businesses fail during their first three to five years in business. From the number of businesses that fail, and the number of home inspectors who have already quit the business, I think marketing is an area that home inspectors need to study the most. I’ve seen many a very good home inspector leave the business, and it was not because of their lack of knowledge and education. It was because they didn’t understand marketing and refused to study it. It’s okay not to want to understand it and refuse to study it, but if one chooses that route, I can guarantee one of two results:

1 - failure
2 - hiring someone who does understand it

Marketing is, indeed, a serious subject, and I think you know that I take it very seriously, and when you have an open-ended question “Where are you strong?” or “Where are you weak?”, and one can make posts in the thread, I think it’s a viable topic to discuss.

One can have all the knowledge, education, expertise in the world, but if one does not know how to market oneself so that the rest of the world knows about one’s knowledge, education, and expertise, it will do no good.

I’m reminded of a good friend many years ago whose job was eliminated. He was depressed, so to help him I created a great résumé for him (writing professional résumés was one of my businesses at that time). He sent out one each month, and when he got no response, he got all depressed again. As I pointed out to him, if you only send out one résumé, you have a 50/50 chance of getting an interview. If you send out 100 résumés, you have a 50/50 chance for each one of those résumés, and mathematics tell you that your overall chances just increased exponentially.

It’s the same way with marketing. If you send out one envelope… If you send out 1,000 envelopes…

Readers who are weak in marketing can join us over at my Marketing forum where there are lots of marketing ideas, tips, and tricks.

My marketing method is simple.
Work hard, be honest.
Funny how people catch on to that.

I am not talking marketing , but you refered to this poll as a silly game.
Unless I mis understand your remark.

Hopefully “work hard” includes marketing.

You misunderstood the remark, but I quoted you, so I’m not sure how. I don’t subscribe to the silly game of red and green boxes. Too grade schoolish.

Outta here. See y’all later. I’m doing around 60 DRIVE inspections throughout San Diego County today for a group of property investors. If we stop to eat at a place with a WiFi hot spot, I might check in for lunch and supper. Otherwise, good luck to Tiger Woods and everyone else.

Ha haha
Do you see boxes on my profile.
I never give boxes as I feel they are silly too.
If you do not get them mad your kissing A…s

Yes, I do.

#-o opps , your right.
Will take care of that right now. Hmmmm

Now I don’t. Welcome to the college graduate section. :margarit:

I have had my ratings off for over six months, but may have inadverantly turned them on the other day, when I changed avatars.
Russ, how do you guys do it.