Where did the information about a vender go?

I saw an important post about a vender that sells products to all inspectors , where that vender is getting sued for possible illegal action, now its gone.

Come on Nick, I know your org , and chat site is the biggest and best in the world , but don’t you owe the profession the courtesy of informing all inspectors of possible illegal acts about venders?

Three of the for top threads in the Inspection Ethics group are related to this. Nothing was deleted, maybe moved.


They were moved to members only.

                                                                Moved:                                                     [InterNACHI Vendor Sued by](http://www.nachi.org/forum/f5/international-association-certified-home-inspectors-vendor-sued-90516/)

                                   Moved:                                                     [InterNACHI Vendor Sued for Deceptive Trade Practices](http://www.nachi.org/forum/f5/international-association-certified-home-inspectors-vendor-sued-deceptive-trade-practices-90517/)

Nick asked me to start the thread in the public domain about a lawsuit filed against Thornberry for deceptive practices and post a copy of the petition.

Apparently, Thornberry has been expelled for his actions related to this suit.

Chris moved it to the Members Only section with the rest of that vendor’s unsavory acts.

Caveat emptor.

Thanks guys
I guess I’ll have to start sending Nick $25.00 a month for membership to keep totally informed about the inspection world gossip, and facts about scam artist venders .:wink:
Kudos to Nick for allowing some of the information to be open to all inspectors.

I found a copy of the lawsuit.
Per the lawsuit I gathered Thornberry was having an affair with another venders employee that quit her job and took their clients contact information to go into business with him? :roll:

I thought he was married with kids.

ohhh as the inspection world turns :mrgreen::mrgreen:
Sounds like ole natie per him the perfect legit vender ] may be headed for being fired 4 times by his mom, and saying by by to his marraste , private plane , limo rides , and all of the other wealth he claims to have.
I have to admit it could not happen to a better man … :twisted::twisted:

This story writes itself better than any fiction I’ve ever read, all I need do is change the names & places and I’ll have me a Pulitzer. :wink:

For anyone who ever saw the movie “Big Trouble in Little China”… in one of the last scenes Kurt Russel turns to his older Chinese ally and asks him a question.

That person’s reply to Kurt Russel looks like it will soon be my reply to this org.

Loved that movie.


So, what was the question already? :-k