Where Did The Steps Go?

Where did the steps go?

When you have a poor Delta-T environment it can even make a set of steps disappear when looking at them with an infrared camera. Poor Delta-T is the 900 pound Gorilla that must be understood in order for a thermographer to find defects when doing a infrared building inspection. If poor Delta-T can cause a set of steps to disappear, then how much more could it make a moisture spot disappear. Poor Delta-T can make an IR camera blind and the person using the camera will not even know it, if not properly trained. (thanks to Will Decker for the photos)

Here a more detailed discussion on this example of Delta-T at our infrared Podcast page.



I had a realtor tell me I should HAVE an infrared camera and that I should point it at that wall because it had vinyl wall paper to see if there was mold behind it. :roll: So I gave her a short education on this very thing (Delta-T) along with a few other things. The inspection with her was already going down hill so I just shoved it and made it fall even faster. :roll:

It is amazing how so many people think IR is just like x-ray.