Where do I get more dinotechnology tape??

I have used up my supply. Where do I more?

What is the pricing? The roll that comes with the DinoDrone is good, but is there a DINOSIZE roll that might last longer at a better price point?

Handy tip:

I’ve been using my DinoDrone to take moisture measurements in hard to access places. Strapping the probes to the front of the unit (using dinotechnology tape of course!), I have had great success ramming it into a hard to reach wall so that the pins can stick and then I can get a reading.

While the drone works well in rough areas, (as long as I push it of course- but that goes without saying!) I wonder if there are floatation tires available for those really wet crawlspaces.

A DinoProd might be good too for pushing it ahead of me in those spaces.

Thanks so much for introducing me to this fine piece of gear.

Is this April Fools or ?

Best wishes for your continued success Mitch.