Where do I start???

Home built in 1928

Main panel was a 200 amp square d

In the basment there were also
2 bulldog pushmatic panels
one screw in fuse panel
One accessory breaker panel
and also another fuse panel in another location.

All the subs were double tapped into each other for feedeing power.

I just told them to start over. I didn’t know where to begin.

It appears that was a prudent recommendation…


I am a firm believer when it comes to report Narratives “Less is More” many times. :wink:

Holy FUBAR Batman!

Start by not being such a Picker lol Just a slight problem if you do not turn on the power. lol

I really like the bare conductor on the neutral bar in the 4th pic. I think there needs to be a larger head on the screw LOL! Can’t see where it goes but an equipment ground is not appropriate.