Where do these come from?

This doesn’t have crap to do with home inspection but I don’t have any other friends. Lol. We keep finding these teeny tiny bugs on the inside of the window seal. Does any body know where they may come from or how they are getting in?

tiny black flies - Google Search

Are you on a septic system or municipal.
Are there allot of “house plants” around.
Are you in a wood frame structure.
Are they bitter or sweet . ha ha

<<MG>> State Lic Pest Control Operator #2446 :slight_smile:

My thought is it could be a fungus gnat. Think dry out and think vinegar. : )

Comes from (house) plants.

Fruit flies…maybe


Yep. Makes sense. There is a house plant right in front of that window and the same in another room. Thanks guys.