Where do we go from here

Zoe has been great, she has put in the time and effort so that we would have an easier road to do what is necessary for licensing. What little compensation she earns from it is less than she deserves.
The state on the other hand is in this for the money and control, and IMHO anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. The state doesn’t give a rats *** about you, your company, your product or anything else. It’s all about control and finances.

Lets see. So far FLNACHI is made $25000.00 on testing and INACHI has made $72.250.00 on those members who have to join your national organization to become a member of FLNACHI. Yes, I know, some were already members of the national group, but before all is said and done, these numbers will swell.

??? Huh? How did anyone make $25,000 on testing? $100 times 250 = $25,000 gross according to my math. How do you figure she made $25,000 ?

I don’t see the numbers swelling. After the time line for executing the grandfather clause has passed, the need to join Florida NACHI will fall off. In my opinion, Florida NACHI was formed so that InterNACHI members would have an easy and affordable way to meet the grandfather requirements. Personally I could care less if someone is making money on it, especially if it is saving me money, time and aggravation. The alternative was three times as expensive. The law was written requiring applicants to be a member of a nationally recognized organization that had as a requirement a proctored exam, plus the 14 hours. It worked beautifully for me. I would suspect that after the grandfather clause expires that maybe there would be some changes in the Fl NACHI membership requirements pertaining to the proctored exam, maybe not. Funny thing is, if InterNACHI hadn’t taken the lead and made this available to us, a bunch of people would be bitchin about that.

Post of the year IMHO.

In a group this large the odds are some will always not be happy.

I am Happy

Me to:D

InterNACHI rules, period!!!\:D/

:stuck_out_tongue: Thats four happys to zero frownys. All the grumps must still be sleeping!!!

I couldn’t be happier with InterNACHI! Keep up the great work!

1 Happy Camper Here…always

Dennis, it was about a year ago that the message boards were on fire with “what is NACHI doing about this” people (myself included) wanted NACHI to do something to help us navigate this licensing problem. Well NACHI did, and now people (probably some of the same who were ******** earlier) are having a problem with what NACHI did for its members. You just can’t please everyone.
I am both happy and grateful for what NACHI and Zoe in particular has done for us.

After yesterday’s meeting I think there are a few more people that feel the same way now.
After today’s meeting perhaps we’ll have a path for more poeple to get involved and add their input and have it make a differance in Tallahasse.

Lawrence, I agree. There was a good feeling of unity at the meeting. I think many of us are ready to stand together and see what changes we can influence. Would like to see these meetings continue on a regular basis with specific agenda so that we can remain on track. Very impressed with John S. ability to focus on the issues we face. Maybe all that fell apart Saturday since i wasn’t there, but somehow I think they survived without me.

Today was a good meeting.I think the differences will subside. Everyone agreed that working together with open communication and regular meetings is the best way to proceed.

The tempature in the room definately rose during Saturday’s meeting but it was from passion for the industry.