Where has Jim Bushart been?

Without his stinging wit, the board just ain’t the same. :cool:

We’ve had so much going on lately and I miss his take on it all.

Only 60 or so miles from Joplin. Hope all is well with him.

If we don’t hear from him by tomorrow, I’ll start calling.

That might be the problem, power…communication. JB has more destructive force than a tornado…I’m sure he’s Ok.

Aw, shucks.:wink:

With the tornado and your absence, I put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5. Glad to see you are O.K.

Thanks. A busy week … and the severe weather and floods have added to the challenge.

Tell us more about what you mean by challenge?

Glad your OK .I was watching a few videos taken during the tornado on You Tube tonight.

Why did I think you packed for Florida last year?

He wants to come be my partner :slight_smile:

Glad all is well Jim.

Glad to see you are around Jim, I had figured you were busy wining and dining some local Used House Salesmen…hahaha just kidding…


Glad you finely took my advice.