Where has the white pages gone?

Does anyone know if there is a online method for looking up residential phone numbers that does not cost anything?

I go to whitepages.com and they want to be paid.

Any help would be appreciated.

I just tried 411.com and it worked for free

That is sure weird. I just tried it again and they want a yearly fee and such to give me a phone number.

Did you get a phone number when you searched?

I will try my own name now.

Did not work. It gives me the address but if I want my own number I have to pay as well.

Are you sure you’re not clicking the sponsored link search in WhitePages.com? I just did my name in NJ and my brother’s in Texas, and I got both for free.


I don’t think they print the White Pages anymore.

Maybe he is just unlisted. I tried again but no luck.

I use the free Yahoo People Search http://people.yahoo.com/

On top of all that the prick just screwed me and did not pay me :frowning: