Where is the main power disconnect?

It wasn’t a dumb question at all. I remember the first time I saw a split bus panel I didn’t recognize what it was even though I knew the concept. Actually seeing something yourself versus book knowledge can be two different things.
And between Jeffrey and others you received the help you needed!
This is a great place to learn and get help.


Most of the schools only dedicate a day or maybe a few days for electrical training. Licensing of home inspectors has weakened the industry by lowering the standards. In order to be competitive, schools design courses to meet the minimum requirements.

An apprentice electrician spends anywhere from two (residential) to five years (general/commercial) to learn the trade and still may never be exposed to split bus panels.

I agree that every inspector ought to be able to recognize a split bus panel but, this is one is on the schools, not the inspectors. The schools need to understand that electrical is a subject that demands. More time than the schools are willing to allot to the subject.

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