Where oh where is the often used line of crap, 'High water table area - hydrostatic pressure from below'?

another house, leaky basement, right on canal and 4 houses from Lake St Clair.

we often hear the rookies and the INT system chumps tell the world that this area and many others are in a… high water table area and THAT is why they leak-seep

:15 mark, Eyeball the loser drain tiles, where’s the water aka high water table aka hydrostatic pressure from below? sheesh lol

Had there been a high water table we’d have hit it before digging to footing, how come there’s NO water oozing UP from the drain tiles/footing? pfft

And gee willy, what was OPEN on the exterior of block walls that allowed water into cores of blocks?

Here’s a quick view of canal, duh Lake is 4 houses away… we’ve done several houses/basements on this street, sall the same and many, many more houses all built next to, near Lake St Clair, canals, Detroit river etc

Back corner, gee, why did basement leak here, what could have been OPEN to allow water in basement?

If there were NO exterior cracks and other exterior openings then they would not have leaked where bottom of the block wall meets the stupid floor

Somebody PREVIOUSLY dug on the exterior at those 2 corners, they applied parging and a lil bit of tar at the top of wall only and they backfilled with ALL the same clay soil, no gravel hence does NOT last anywhere near as long BUT someone is making a lot more money doing the jobs like this as they do not have any dirt pick up, big cost plus no gravel delievery cost plus lolol much LESS labor to move all that crap back n forth

Here’s a gander of the inside of basement

Notice— no beer cans inside or out, ya folla? And Bobboy soxxx listen up nothern bubblehead, YOU could NOT ever ‘do’ this job n yet YOU talk a lot of crap like you are an expert, PFFFtttttttt, you could never do this, probably not even ONE time let alone 4 decades so get outta my hair weasel-man, you yourself said many months ago that you would never post/reply again to my stuff yet you continue to, hmmmm.

They’re all in his basement office… … …


Hello, Afternoon Home Inspections…hic…

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…‘they ripped us off every way imaginable…’

happens all over, all the time, it most certainly does and often without empty beer cans so what’s that tell ya about wiener brain in the NJ swamps, uh huh