Where the heck is the party?

so i have been looking fro 30 minutes and have not found the internachi christmas party? i have searched exactly what nich said it would be called and it looks like someone started something like lets get this party started, but that doesnt appear to be the actual christmas party…

Welcome to our forum, Jason! :smile:

Look for new posts and answer them though out the day.

thanks. nick’s post the other day said it would be under the internachi message board titled cozy cats for kids…

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There was no begin time listed…


The party goes all day.

P.S. sorry about the caps.

be patient grasshopper

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I just go to any forum with a cozy coats for kids hanger/topic and be active. It’s also my first time so I’m winging-it but also learning as much as I can’t some interaction within the forums are actually very helpful. Noticed a couple rabbits :rabbit2: that I followed straight in to the hole, if you catch my drift. (This should have posted yesterday but I was blocked sorry)